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The puppies are born here and are under 24 hour watch for the first three days. At three days old each pup is fed a very small quantity of goat’s milk with a bottle, along with all of the mother’s milk they can manage. In the course of bottle feeding, the pups are handled and weighed regularly. Once they start solid food, each pup is given their own dish and are NEVER allowed to push and shove for food. Food aggression is not allowed! Spoon feeding is done in the group to learn names and manners.

Once the pups can get over a 12’ high barrier they are moved to the heated puppy house where they have access to the outdoors. Once they can climb over an 18” high barrier, they can come and go from the puppy pasture which is a wooded ¼ acre on a hillside.

Volunteer "puppy sitters" take the pups daily to various areas of the farm in a specially built "puppy school bus". As they get stronger they march down to puppy hill with mom. Any discipline of the puppies is usually left up to the mother dog.

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~ Be part of MAIL CALL by including a $1 (or more) donation in an envelope and include a note for us to read at our daily Mail Call (5:00pm).  Mailed to DOGS 37 Boxford Rd. Ipswich MA 01938.

~ BUY a Brick.  A $10 donation will purchase a square on the chicken table. If the chicken p**ps in your square you win!  It's the fastest way to become a member of the "Shat-upon Society".

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